The AIDC 100 "Truth in Technologies 2006: Efficiency, Safety and Privacy" Forum was held on October 5, 2006 at Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY. This was the 3rd in our annual series and proved to be even more interactive and informative than the past.

This year's Forum focused on vertical industry applications and global supply chain Efficiency, Safety and Privacy.  Designed to provide a platform for debate and open discussions, the Forum addressed the global perspectives on the issues facing the applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), bar coding, biometrics and other automatic identification technologies.

Efficiency – How can identification technologies improve productivity and visibility throughout local and global supply chains?  Comments on perceived or realized strengths and limitations of various technologies

Security – How are identification technologies being applied to enhance security associated with travel and borders, people, products, materials?  What is being done with these technologies to assure consumers that the food products, pharmaceutical products and healthcare services are safe and secure?  What is the status of these technologies related to widespread adoption and implementation?

Privacy – How can identification technologies be used to properly balance security and the consumer’s right to privacy?  What are the regulatory bodies’ roles and the public policy considerations that should be weighed and considered? 

We want to share the experience as much as we can, and one way to do that is to provide the presentations given at the Forum for your review. The various presentations are listed below.

Simply click on the title of a specific presentation to review a PowerPoint file. If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer, click here.