The Don Percival Award is presented annually to an individual or organization from the user community recognizing outstanding contributions to the application of automatic identification and data capture technologies. The Percival Award was established in 1982 to honor Don Percival, an early founder and pioneer in the development of barcode scanning. The Award is co-sponsored by SCAN: The Data Capture Report and AIM, Inc. 


2015 Rick Lewis, Delta Airlines

2014 Rodeina Davis, Blood Center of Wisconsin

2013 Jay Crowley, FDA

2012 George Wright, Sr., Product Identification & Processing Systems, Inc. (PIPS)

2011 Paula Giovannetti, Best Buy

2010 Carlo Nizam, Airbus

2009 Philipp Blome and Jens Kungl, MGI Metro

2008 Rob Leibrandt, DoD - UID Office

2007 Mark Reboulet, United States Air Force

2006 Dr. Patrick F. King, Michelin Tire

2005 Dr. Gerd Wolfram, METRO Group

2004 Alan Estevez, Department of Defense

2003 Larry Graham, General Motors Corporation

2002 Sears Roebuck and Company

2001 Kenneth D. Porad, The Boeing Company

2000 Alan Haberman

1999 Dr. Thomas Young, Department of Defense

1998 Dr. James F. Fales, Ohio University

1997 Jon Andresen, United Airlines

1996 Connie Vinck, Federal Aviation Administration

1995 St. Alexius Medical Center

1994 United Parcel Service

1993 No Award Presented

1992 David Carlson, Kmart Corporation

1991 Gary Ahlquist, Eastman Kodak Company

1990 Bob McQuade, Bell Communications Research

1989 Karen Longe, American Hospital Association

1988 Jack Loeffler, Automotive Industry Action Group

1987 VICS Organization - Retail Automation

1986 Alan Gilligan, AT&T Bell Laboratories

1985 Uniform Code Council Ad Hoc Committee

1984 Eric Brodheim, New York Blood Bank

1983 Bill Maginnis, Hunt-Wesson Foods

1982 Mike Noll, U.S. Department of Defense